What We Do

‘StreetWise’ is a Port Macquarie-based company specialising in road safety audits, traffic management and other road – related matters. The 2 directors, Craig Nethery and Andy Davis, are well-known on the NSW mid north coast, and have over 65 years combined experience in road design, road safety, traffic engineering, and project management. Our experience covers everything from local road designs to regional bicycle plans to traffic management of highway upgrade projects.

Andy and Craig are both Level 3 (Lead) Road Safety Auditors, and have undertaken 100’s of Road Safety Audits throughout New South Wales and Queensland over the past 5 years. Their previous audits range from rural roads in regional towns to final inspections prior to the opening of major highway projects. Craig and Andy’s design backgrounds also provide the experience necessary to undertake Stage 3 road safety audits of design plans, traffic management plans and traffic control plans.

Andy and Craig are accredited road safety auditors in both New South Wales and Queensland, and are prepared to travel to most locations on the east coast to provide a quality, efficient and reliable road-safety focussed consultancy service. Both Andy & Craig’s Road Safety qualifications and experience can be found at the Transport NSW Register of Road Safety Auditors.