What We Do

‘StreetWise’ is a Port Macquarie-based company specialising in road safety audits, traffic management and other road – related matters. The 2 directors, Craig Nethery and Andy Davis, are well-known on the NSW mid north coast, and have over 70 years combined experience in road design, road safety, traffic engineering, and project management. Our experience covers everything from local road designs to traffic impact assessments to traffic management of highway upgrade projects.

Road Safety Audits

Andy and Craig are both Level 3 (Lead) Road Safety Auditors, and have undertaken 100’s of Road Safety Audits throughout New South Wales and Queensland over the past 5 years. Craig and Andy are both Lead (Level 3) Road Safety Auditors, and their recent audits range from rural roads in regional towns to final inspections prior to the opening of major highway projects. Craig and Andy’s design backgrounds also provide the experience required to undertake Stage 3 road safety audits of design plans, traffic management plans and traffic control plans.

Andy and Craig are accredited road safety auditors in both New South Wales and Queensland, and are prepared to travel to most locations on the east coast to provide a quality, efficient and reliable road-safety focussed consultancy service. Both Andy & Craig’s Road Safety qualifications and experience can be found at the Transport NSW Register of Road Safety Auditors.

Traffic Impact Assessments

StreetWise also specialises in preparing Traffic Impact Assessments for a variety of projects, including residential subdivisions, commercial developments, quarries and high-rise buildings. We can arrange collection of traffic data, calculation of traffic volumes generated by developments, assessment of the impacts of future traffic on intersections & local road networks, assessment of proposed access driveways and assistance with carparking layouts. Andy and Craig have over 45 years experience working in local government, and have also submitted many Traffic Impact Assessments to a large number of Councils throughout New South Wales. We understand what Council’s require when requesting TIA’s be submitted with Development Applications.

Traffic Management Roles

Does your company need a relief traffic manager, or assistance with traffic management for a development or roadworks? Andy Davis and Craig Nethery both recent experience acting in the role of Traffic Manager on major road projects for a number of civil construction companies. Craig has recently spent 18 months in the Traffic Manager role on the Eungai to Macksville section of the Pacific Highway Upgrade project for Pacifico, and is still providing ongoing advice. Andy Davis spent 12 months as Traffic Manager for Lend Lease on the Macksville to Urunga section of the Pacific Highway project, as well as 9 months on the Kempsey Bypass (Leightons), 5 weeks on the South Ballina section of the Pacific Highway upgrade (Lend Lease), and most recently, 3 months on the Glenugie to Maclean section for BGC. 

State Government Funding

A recent notification from the RMS indicates that applications for Black Spot and other RMS funding for roadworks will benefit if the application is supported by a Road Safety Audit report. As you would be aware, a Road Safety Audit is a formal examination, conducted by an independent and suitably qualified team of professionals. The audit team members need to be certified on the Transport NSW Register of Road Safety Auditors.  StreetWise staff have the qualifications and the experience to assist all NSW councils with their future applications for Black Spot and other Safer Roads funding.

Welcome Andy Atkins

StreetWise welcomes Andy Atkins to the company. Andy is a Camden Haven local, and is well known in the Port Macquarie area, having worked for over 30 years at Port Macquarie Hastings Council. Andy is a very experienced civil designer, who has been involved in hundreds of local government projects during his time at Council. He has plenty of experience in the design of local roads, intersections, roundabouts, footpaths, cycleways, carparks and many other civil works projects. His local government background has given him a good understanding of road safety, and he is currently building up his regime of Road Safety Audits.

Other Services:

StreetWise can also provide the following services:

  • Intersection assessment (SIDRA etc)
  • Civil Design (road design, carpark layouts, access & driveways, earthworks etc)
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans